Meet Squire E

D has a nemesisWhen I re-discover what a fan I’ve been of something, it sometimes gets my brain meats churning. If you’ve seen my last entry, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Most of the time I want to apply my silly fandoms to the SoD just like I did here in this random, short comic. I couldn’t decide on whether to post an update on North Side or not since a new character is introduced, and he’s not based on anyone associated with Aaron North. But, forgive me, M, the grey-lined comic is sitting on North Side country!

Anyone who’s known me for a while or even follows me on Twitter can easily guess how much of a Professor Layton fan I’ve been. Combine the Layton madness with the craze of another video game that’s not even out yet and out spawns Squire E: Squire D’s puzzle mastering rival. He’s just as handsome as D, smart, and savvy with puzzles and anything that teases the brain.

And where does he get his dashing good 2D looks? Hilariously enough, I loosely based his appearance on the movie and comic version of the lovable nerdy Ghostbusters character Egon Spengler. Comic version?! Do you see how behind I am on this stuff? I wish I knew about these comics a long time ago.

But anyway, this quick comic I scribbled up is probably the beginning of the most boring fights ever on Squires of Dimness. Squire D can’t be all that perfect as we’ve seen in moments where he ruins his crown when giving in to his weakness for sweets. Hardly any of the other Squires would dare to oppose him. And when anyone does, they never win (except when offering him toffee candies, but that’s a different matter). So I figure he needed someone who was an intellectual equal…or at least someone who shares his passion for puzzles and dares to compete with him.

If you haven’t noticed my Flickr feed, there’s a new fixed-up doodle of the parody Ladytron photo I did sometime ago. This time around, it’s inked and scanned! So please check out the lovely Squire-ized ladies.


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