Bracelets modeled

Drawing model modeling braceletsSome time ago I acquired some new glass beads that came in some really nifty sets, each with a particular style (pearlescent, translucent, etc.) where the colors were sorted. These were slightly larger than the usual tiny seed beads I use, but they weren’t entirely huge either. I will say, though, that the process of making my usual flower bracelets does slightly faster with these. If you haven’t noticed yet in my Flicker photos on the right, I’ve uploaded a few photos of the recent bracelets I’ve made modeled on one of those drawing mannequins (I pretty much use them to hold stuff rather than to “model” any poses to draw).

But now that I’m a huge celebrity in the art world, I can hire actual models. Since I’m too camera shy to take a picture of my own wrist I asked a pal and fellow beadist to model a a few bracelets for me. Check out the photo below to see how nice these things look when worn in multiples!

Swedish bracelet model

Thanks again, to sancha for modeling the beads for me!


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