That Filthy Little Squire

*sigh*Where else but North Side can you find the latest Mini Squires I’ve posted. At this point I wonder if I should just drop the “Mini Squires” term since that’s all I’ve been posting lately. But that isn’t to say that I’ve dropped drawing full-length comics entirely. It’s most likely because I haven’t thought up of any scenarios that would expand more than four panels in a while. Anyway, just check it out!

This obviously didn’t take long to draw, and the comic practically drew itself. It started with a simple sketch of Squire Thorn in some sort of holding position. Shortly after I kinda thought it wouldn’t hurt to try to draw him wearing something just slightly different. What’s really handy about drawing him is that he doesn’t require much inking since the only black is in his hair and his pants. What was even handier was the paper I drew it on. It had better weight (can take more of my abuse) and had a nice “woven” finish. Inking was much MUCH easier and looked a lot more crisp. The paper was seriously a good deal at the time I bought it too.

But anyway, this is probably the first comic where Squire Thorn is caught in the action of doing his version of laundry. His use of fabric freshener (now called “Fresh Breez” instead of Febreze just so I’m not blatantly brand-name dropping)  was often mentioned in past comics. But now we can actually see the filthy Squire do it in action!

It was actually kind of nice to draw him wearing something different – and I’m not counting his hot dog outfit or his goth get-up. While Squire Thorn is now only LOOSELY based on Aaron North, I kind of thought a slight change in his wardrobe might slightly reflect the current situations. And I’ve always wanted to draw the guy with a plain tshirt reading “band”.

Fear not, sparse readers. As mentioned on the SoD blog, I’ve inked two comics – including the current one posted. The next comic I’ll post shortly.


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