Squire Thorn’s beloved shirt

A change is totally dueTime flies, or I’m actually getting these out faster than I thought I ever would in a while. But if you haven’t noticed, North Side’s got a new Mini Squires posted. Yay!

This one’s kind of following the previous comic where Thorn’s solution to laundry was a quick spray of fabric freshener. Unfortunately for the other Squires, that certainly isn’t enough to meet their clean standards. Though, it seems like the only way to get the youngest squire to do his laundry is to do it for him.

This is kind of an impromptu continuing storyline as there’s another comic I’m finishing that’s picking up from where the last one left off. It’s also my excuse to continue drawing Squire Thorn in a generic “band” T-shirt. He seems rather helpless without something long-sleeved. So stay tuned for the next Squires of Dimness where he continues his quest to recover his sacred white shirt. Will he ever get it back? Or will the squireling accept the change?


2 thoughts on “Squire Thorn’s beloved shirt

  1. Anne Tai says:

    And I love that you keep reading them! I LOVE drawing his teeth big! It’s kind of a way to keep each character distinct besides having different hair :D.

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