A Squire by Any Other Name

This thought occured to me many times. I love drawing the Squires of Dimness so much I wondered to myself – what if I want to make an actual series out of them? But I couldn’t possibly “cash” off of the characters’ names – particularly White and North. Squires C and D can keep their names as they sound pretty vague by themselves.

What I love about the names Squire North and Squire White are the alliterations and assonances – the repetitive r sound in “ire” and “or” and the long i sounds in “ire” and “ite”. I wanted to keep those alliterations intact…but how to change their names? One solution was to change North by switching the N and the TH: Thorn (see fig. 1).

fig. 1

fig. 1

That way the “or” sound is still intact. I almost don’t want to let go of White, but for peace of mind, I thought I’d just change one letter in his name. Replacing the i with a y didn’t seem like too much of a sacrifice!

I didn’t really want to “announce” these subtle changes, rather I snuck them into blog updates.


One thought on “A Squire by Any Other Name

  1. Oooooh, I get it now!

    Thanks for the explanation! I thought I was just going crazy.
    Which is still a possibility, but, you know.

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