Squire Thorn’s search continues

Its being what?!

It's being what?!

Getting this comic up on North Side shouldn’t have taken me as long as it did. I had ONE panel left to ink and it was left un-inked for weeks. But it’s finally posted and that’s all that matters ;)!

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this strip picks up from where the last Mini Squires left off. It’s been quite an adventure for the littlest squire and he seems to grow more miserable with each comic. I guess I could end the “series” happily or I could end it in heartbreak. Sometimes it feels like the little guy deserves to get his. I dunno. I guess Squire Thorn could just simply BUY a new shirt.

But what’s the fun in that? Why, there are MANY possibilities! Think of the horrors Squire Thorn would have to face while weaving his way through a crowded mall crammed with scary trendy kids. Think of the many shops he’d have to browse, looking for that perfect white, button-down shirt. And, yes, he’d probably have to try them on. How tedious! Who knows, this could be a “pick your own adventure” comic.



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