My Squiredom for a Muse

Need muse!

Need muse!

I don’t think I ever wanted to admit to running out of ideas and I’m certain many artists feel the same way. But I guess I am at this point.

But I’m pretty sure that my muse has, somehow, gone on vacation. Or moved on to someone else. *Sigh* So, my sparse viewers, I ask you this – what advice can you give to others whose muses don’t want to give them the time of day? What’s a great way to keep the pencil moving? What’s your advice on keeping the circuitry of the right side of the brain cranking?

While I scrape around for inspiration, how about you guys (I’m gonna hope there’s more than three of you out there reading this) tell me what your favorite Squires of Dimness comic is!


6 thoughts on “My Squiredom for a Muse

  1. adoRe says:

    Well I’m everything but no artist so I can’t give you any real tips except flipping comic books and search for new inspiration.And do you know that site?

    Maybe you could take an old comic and erase all the squires except one and look how schizophrenic it might look in the end :D

    See, I’m no big help on that topic xD

  2. Anne Tai says:

    LOL I love that comic! Jon Arbuckle has never looked cooler as a psycho! That’s not a bad idea…:D

  3. My favorite comic is the one with Squire Whyte jumping out of the cake. Classsiiiiccc!

    When my muse runs out, I try to focus on something completely different. If you’re always thinking “oh shit, I can’t think of anything,” nothing will ever come to you, because you’re focusing on it too much.
    I just go out and walk around for a while, or go do something with some friends or whatever, and eventually somebody will say/do something funny or interesting, and I think, “Gee, that would be a really sick comic.”
    And it just kinda spirals from there.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  4. Anne Tai says:

    That’s a good idea too. I remember art teachers insisting on peeling your eyes away from your work for a while. Sometimes ideas come about during the times I shouldn’t be doodling – like when I’m at work, hehe!

  5. I’d say the same as Bev. That or getting smashed. When I’m inebriated I always come up with ideas that I (at least at the time) think are super. Then again, since I write I don’t have to draw them which is good because in that state it’d probably all be weird little squiggles…

    Anyway, I think the important thing is to remove the pressure. Trying to force ideas out is just like trying to make yourself go to sleep when you have insomnia. So just watch some movies, play some video games and if you feel the need to justify yourself, just call it “research”. That’s what I always do. ;)

    And I especially enjoyed Squire North/Thorn being chased by a huge hot dog because it proves that, indeed, big weenies are not always better.

  6. Anne Tai says:

    Sometimes I give myself a “deadline” even when there really isn’t one. Anything close to a deadline is, maybe, a holiday where I want to get a holiday-themed comic out. That gets me kind of motivated. But that kind of pressure does lead to a lot of me tapping the pencil against paper. Then I end up doing something else :P.

    The idea of a horde of evil hot dogs is another Vasquez-esque tribute. I’ve always had this Star Wars type parody in my head where Squire North takes on a Princess Leia role. LOL who knows, maybe I’ll actually draw it?

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