Accessory Mania!

Daisy bead necklace

Daisychain bead necklace

My creative juices began churning again! A few days ago, I discovered I had a full spool of very thin filament (fishing line) and thought, hey, why not try to make a daisy chain beaded necklace? I thought it would be a way to creatively get rid of the color of beads I don’t usually or like to use. And I’ve never made a necklace before, so this was a good change of pace.

I debated on the length of the necklace – if it was going to have to be put on with one of those latches like usual necklaces are put on, or if it was going to be long enough where it can simply be slipped on. I thought about that during my first attempt which didn’t go all that well. I stupidly didn’t check to see if I had enough of a particular color “filler” bead – beads that are set between the daisies. I was probably about 12 or so daisies when I realized that. Bummer.

Daisy bead necklace - close up

Closeup of the beads

So, with my second attempt, I made sure I had enough of a particular color to use as the fillers. The daisies were made with an assortment of colors – most I hardly used mixed in with those I favored.
A few daisies later and I decided I’d make the necklace short with a metal loop and a spring latch. After I felt it was the perfect length, I tied the ends to the loop and latch and secured the knots with a drop of super glue. Voila! My first beaded necklace. It’s pretty cool! I’m actually gonna have to wear it :).
Another of my weekend craft goals was to make a few accessories with the little felt mascots I’ve been making. The Cute Book by Aranzi Aronzo shows crafters some accessory ideas using the cute little felt bunnies, bears, pandas, and other assorted critters. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making them, but put it off until earlier this week. A coworker, whom I’ve given a felt bunny, turned it into an ankle/wrist accessory by looping a leather, buckled strap through a loop I’ve sewn on the back of the head. If only I had a picture, it’s seriously cute!
Bunny Head hair tie

Bunny head hair tie

The makeshift ankle/wrist accessory was a jump start to making a few more (just two, actually!). For starters, I made a bunny head hair tie as is mentioned in The Cute Book. I made this bunny head with green felt and simply sewed it onto a hair tie.

The past few mascots I’ve made have little flower decals glued to them – I remembered I had some sitting around and thought they’d make a shiny, glammy touch. My hair’s much too short to tie back, so I’m gonna have to look for a few models ;).

The other accessory was suggested by a pal and fellow blogger. I thought it was a great idea since I’ve got an abundant supply of safety pins.

Bunny Head brooch

Bunny head brooch

And voila! Here it is modeled on my black hoodie, purposely pinned next to the Buddyhead button. This one’s made with off-white felt. The safety pin is secured to the back of the head with a small piece of felt that’s glued and sewn. The photo’s a bit too bright so the two little flower decals are kinda hard to see.
So that was my crafty weekend!
In other news – Stickynote Theatre has been updating again! Yay! The man behind the stickies has been on a hiatus, but he sent me word on getting em’ back up. Go check it out – he’s been so kind to post a Squire Whyte sticky I’ve submitted a few months back!

2 thoughts on “Accessory Mania!

  1. Oh man, I remember doing all sort of beaded necklaces when I was in high school. And those woven floss bracelets too. Thanks for the fun memories. The felt bunnies are super cute!

  2. I love, love, love that brooch! I’m serious about the webshop…

    And I’ve started randomly blogging again. I may morph my recipes into that as well.

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