Squires in Color

Squire Thorn in Prisma Color

So while I’ve convinced others to do my work I’ve busied myself with some colored pencil doodles after digging up my 48 count box of Prismacolor pencils. My muse convinced me to go nuts with colors I don’t typically use like tuquoise, light browns, yellow-greens, etc. Sometimes I’ll blindly grab any of these colors and just start sketching. It’s a great excercise that’s freeing because I’m not confined to using colors that were conventional to me such as the basic black, blue, red, etc.

I’m probably late to the game, but I’ve found how much Moleskines love these pencils and vice versa. The colors lay down almost like velvet and the surface isn’t too toothy where I’d have to apply more pressure. Prismacolors are mostly soft as they are and playing with them on Moleskine surfaces is almost like playing with pastels, though, not as forgiving.

The first drawing on the right there is none other than Squire Thorn after finally reuniting with his beloved shirt. Little does he know about the burnt iron mark on the back!

Squire Whyte in Prisma Color

Squire Whyte's heaven

This drawing started out with doodling spheres (ok, they’re crappy circles). One thing led to another and after they became ice cream cones the best way to finish it off was to add Squire Whyte basking in the glow of the heavenly frozen confections. Or he just can’t decide on which to take first.

This last one is from a scene from a comic I’m surprisingly working on. It started with doodling out one of the panels. Squire Thorn yelling with his gaping mouth, baring his huge teeth was a scene I had to apply color to.

It smells funny!

It smells funny!

So, yes, my sparse readers, a new comic is underway. I offer the colored doodle as a little sample of what’s to come when I get around to it!


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