3 colors

Eh? What is this?

Eh? What is this?

Here’s something I hope might inspire some fellow artists out there. Ever been forced to work with a limited palette of paints, pastels, or crayons? But whatever you had, it always worked, didn’t it? While nearly everyone in art class had some fairly big sets of full-sized pastels, I was one of the few who had a scant palette to work with – namely a set of eight half-pastels.

Of course, anyone knew you could mix colors to get any shade on the color wheel as long as I had the primary shades – and what set of any pastel or crayons wouldn’t have red, yellow, and blue? So, with the help of the instructor and the pastels being super soft, I was able to cover all the colors from whatever still life.

Sound familiar?

So anyway, I thought, what with me falling in love with colored pencils again, why not post an “assignment”? Or, rather, an exercise for myself and any fellow artists needing an idea.

From any set of crayons, markers, pastels, colored pencils, or paints, blindly select three colors. I guess if they’re all too bright like, three different yellows I’d pick another three.

Doodle, paint, or draw any subject matter and have fun with it! I definitely encourage sharing. If you’ve created something you’d like to share, let me know! If it’s on your deviantART or posted on an image hosting site, post a link in the comments :).


2 thoughts on “3 colors

  1. So I did it too. Don’t laugh, like I said I haven’t drawn in years and it’s just a sketch not a proper drawing.


    But it was fun and I ended up with a good set of colors – purple, orange and yellow. They worked surprisingly well together. For me, doing this worked kinda like my warm-up writing practices do – it took the edge off the fear of the blank page. I’ll definitely do it again.

    And damn, I had forgotten how much I used to like to draw! :D

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