Fool-proof Garlic Bread

I can’t imagine how anyone could fail at making this favorite recipe unless you burn it. I don’t know if it even warrants a recipe but it gives me something to blog about while I procrastinate from finishing a comic. Since this recipe is very simple I thought I’d include some delicious pictures (at least I hope you find them delicious). Anyway, on with this super simple, garlic-loving, but absolutely delicious recipe.


Start with the butter

Again, as with all the recipes I post here, I hardly have any exact measurements. But I’ll approximate. We’ll start out with about 3 tablespoons of softened butter.

Garlic Cloves

Too much garlic? Never!

With the butter put aside, gather some cloves of garlic to chop. Depending on how much you or your guests/family love garlic you might have more or less. I like to torment my friends with lots of garlic and they never complain. They actually like the bread more than my pasta. Hmph.

Chopped garlic

Chopped garlic

And now the tedious part – chopping the garlic. Unless you have one of those fancy shmancy choppers, this is gonna be a bit of work. I actually don’t mind chopping the garlic as long as I have a good, trusty, heavy butcher knife. Chop the garlic as finely as possible. I guess it also depends on how fast you are at chopping. I take my sweet ol’ time.

Chopped garlic with butter

Adding the chopped garlic to the butter

Add the chopped goodness to the softened butter.

Garlic butter mix - before mixing

Mixture before the mixing

This is totally optional – I usually add in a few drops of olive oil and sprinkle in some Italian spices (basil, oregano, etc.). If you don’t have any of these lying around, the bread will still be as tasty.

Garlic butter mix

Creamy, garlicky, buttery goodness

Mix everything until you get a nice, garlicky, creamy spread. I usually cover the mixture with plastic wrap and let it sit around for a few minutes to let the garlic and butter marinate. Not sure if it does anything, but I’d like to think it does.

Buttered Bread

Ten minutes away from toasty goodness!

Spread the garlicky mixture on sourdough slices or rolls. If you’ve got some lying around – sprinkling some parmesean cheese before popping it into the oven or toaster oven adds a yummy touch. After all pieces of bread have been prepared, toast for about 10 minutes or until it’s browned and bubbly.

Finished Garlic Bread


And voila! Toasty, buttery, garlicky goodness. Perfect with any favorite pasta dish, salad, soup, or by itself! Anyway, I hope some of you try this recipe even when it’s a fairly common one. If you’ve got any suggestions or variations, please do share!

Also, I hope my last entry provided a creative exercise for some of you. Once I get around to scanning my own doodles (and hope more of you share yours) I’ll post them. I encourage anyone who’s stuck on ideas to try it out. Happy doodling!


4 thoughts on “Fool-proof Garlic Bread

  1. Mmm, looks scrumptious, I’ll have to try it out next time I have bread.

    And I’d love to try the color challenge, but unfortunately I have no color media, at all, not even crayons. Yes, I’m sad :(

  2. Anne Tai says:

    Wha?! No color media? If you were next door I’d totally throw my extra pastels and pencils. Aw, maybe you can hijack someone’s pencils?

  3. Anne Tai says:

    That blog is so cool! Why didn’t I think of that? That would be such an awesome way to keep creative juices flowing!!! I need somehting like that!

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