Lethal Whyte



Man, am I glad I finally got this posted on North Side. There really wasn’t any elaborate reason for its delay (and it wasn’t like it was ever on any kind of schedule), but you all know it was just the honest to goodness procrastination.

The challenge with this comic was that it was my first inked “full-length” comic (any comic that isn’t a Mini Squires). With the help of my light box, I was able to keep each panel fairly consistent. What regular viewers may have noticed is that this full-lengther’s arranged slightly different from others – more like a bunch of four-panelers finished off with the two final panels.

Man, mucho respect to the pros who ink way more than this on a regular basis. I can proudly say my pens and light box have been getting a lot of use, though.

Anyway, this comic, like many others, stemmed from a few sketchbook doodles. This one continues Squire Thorn’s mourning over his separation from his favorite shirt. After being informed that Squire Whyte’s the last to handle the shirt, Squire D tries to let Thorn down as gently as he could by suggesting he move on to the shirt he’s wearing now. I thought this was a hilarious way to explain Thorn’s little wardrobe change – which was never really planned at all. Sometimes I think Squire Thorn’s “BAND” t-shirt makes him look younger and I’m beginning to wonder how old he’s supposed to be.

And the title? That’s one of the things I NEVER think about until it’s time for me to upload. I think I was trying to think up of something along the lines of “cold blue steel” or something.


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