More Bom Bites

Now that I got the last comic out of the way, I can focus on posting more of the SoD‘s embarassing “high school yearbook” drawings. Check out the very first doodle I drew of all the Squires before I even called them Squires of Dimness! Since I can never make up my mind on where to upload them, this time it’s just on my deviantART.

Obviously, at that time I was referring to them as the names of the guys they’re based on. I wasn’t really set on how their eyes would look but I really was dead set on drawing Squire Thorn’s hair that way. As you can see, Squires D and C kept their blank/dot eyes while the other two evolved into ones with pupils. I can’t remember why Squire Whyte’s was drawn reading some sort of publication, but at least I drew him with his signature bottom lip.

Anyway, remember these? The whole plan fell through but now I’m considering bringing them back and actually getting through the whole year. Keep it here, here, or here for updates on if I actually go through with the plan.

Oh yeah, I did say I was going to post my own 3 color doodles, didn’t I? I’ll get to it soon.


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