Big Bunny

Big Felt Bunny

Big felt bunny

Last weekend I convinced myself to try my hand at making a bigger version of a felt bunny. Check out the result!

Using Aranzi Aronzo’s The Cute Book, I photocopied the bunny pattern slightly larger than the original. The tedious part had to be cutting out the extra pieces.  I wanted the ears and limbs to be fuller so four pieces of each were cut, sewn and stuffed. The eyes, as you can see in the photo were simply cut out from felt rather than me struggling with French knots. I did struggle with the nose, though. But what do you think? Not bad for hand-stitching, huh?

Ok, I still suck at sewing the head onto the body. Even with a bigger mascot, I still can’t master sewing the head on without keeping the stitches discreet.

Morbid Mascot

Morbid bunnyhead's seen better days

But before making this big ol’ bunny, I was convinced to make a mascot that looked like it’s seen better days. Since French knots are one of my arch enemies all I had to do was sew X’s for the eyes and mouth. Easy peasy! And look how cute it looks with its head and body detached!


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