Doodles and more doodles…but no comic yet.

3 Color Squire Thorn

3 color Squire Thorn

I finally remembered to scan my contributions to this project I mentioned back in September. Again, I blindly  picked out 3 colored pencils and stuck with them throughout the drawings. Squire Thorn is usually the default subject matter when I can’t think of anything else.

In the Squire C drawing, the peach was drawn first. Squire C came later on, mainly to fill out the rest of the page. The dialogue that I purposefully cut off says, “Ah! There is a giant peach that is chasing me!” Actually, I originally wrote “pêche” instead of peach, then realized that it was French and not Italian. Squire C speaking French?!

This doodle is a quick, silly Squire C comic where he says nothing but his usual exclamation. Go on, check it out! Though, there really isn’t much to read and the doodles aren’t really up to par- just give it some view counts, huh?

I love Moleskines. If these doodles and my rantings don’t tell you that, then, maybe these will. I love utilizing every part of these notebooks and I make sure I draw on both sides of nearly every page. I always say the best way to give love to these fabulous notebooks and sketchbooks is to abuse the hell out their pages. But anyway, where was I going with this?

Oh yeah. So, not only do I scrawl on both sides of every page of these things, I also like scribbling on the insides of the covers. Normally they’re licked with various stickers and decals, but whatever free space there is gets scribbled on. Check out one of the inside covers of one of my current Moleskines where Squire C kind of interacts with one of the stickers.

Last, but not least are two drawings from the inside of my current larger Moleskine sketchbooks. Now, I know I’ve been going on about how the Squires of Dimness are loosely based on members of NIN during 2005, but I couldn’t resist drawing them in Year Zero uniforms. I’ve only scanned the Squire Whyte and Thorn drawings (which aren’t exactly completed). Squire C and D (yes, Squire D is in YZ getup too) are on the next pages, but are looking rather rough at the moment (uh, rougher than the other two, that is). What kinda sucked was that I didn’t have a grey marker so I had to improvise with a colored pencil. I was originally going to scan only Squire Whyte but I just had to get a YZ Squire Thorn out in the public! I’ll get back to finishing him soon.


3 thoughts on “Doodles and more doodles…but no comic yet.

  1. Great job as always, Anne! Can’t wait to see more YZ uniforms…. (and as always, I hope against hope that someday, sometime, there may be a Squire TR…)

    • Anne Tai says:

      Oh wow. Now THOSE are well-loved Moleskines! You should definitely join the cult! They may help you keep your ideas in one place for your writing :D!

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