Overdue January Calendar

Happy (overdue) New Year! As I’ve been tweeting and mentioning on the sporadic Squires of Dimness blog, I’ve been slowly (emphasis on slowly) working on a calendar image for January. After tackling work and distractions I finally got around to finishing it, scanning it, and making sure it prints (thanks sancha!).

So if your local grocery store or bank hasn’t given you a free cheesy calendar and you’re kind of dying for one, here ya go!

SoD January

SoD January

January 2009 calendar

It’s in PDF format and about 1mb. Download and enjoy! This time I’ll try to get past February!

Speaking sancha, check out her 3 color challenge drawing. It’s seriously cute.

I’m pretty sure a lot of you who visit my blog also visit NorthSide.net. Most of you are probably aware that it’s down as it usually is around this time of year. I can’t say when/if it’ll come back up, but if you’re wondering about any future SoD comics, they’ll be posted here.

Also – please PLEASE let me know if you have any problems downloading or opening the file. I didn’t really test that part out. Whoops.


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