February Calendar and a little sticker giveaway

Ooh la la!

Ooh la la!

Wow, I got this one done earlier than I thought! And it’s early in the month! Miraculous.

Anyhoo folks – February calendar is now available for download! If you need something to burn, ran out of toilet paper, or have one of those hokey infomercial grills that use paper for fuel – here ya go! I will warn you that this month’s calendar is not for the faint of heart. Don’t say I didn’t warn you..

Squires of Dimness February 2009 Calendar

Again, please let me know if there are any issues downloading this thing!

EDIT: I just realized that the calendar’s 2 pages. I stupidly left a bit of last month’s leftovers in it. Whoops! Ignore that.

In other matters, have you stopped by my ghost town of a deviantART page? I can never make up my mind where I want to upload stuff, but if you head over there, you’ll see a finished version of Squire Thorn in a NIN Year Zero uniform. Go ahead, check it out!

Oh yeah, I still have a few Squires of Dimness stickers to give away. The first 10 readers to email me gets a Squires sticker and…some other sticker I might want to get rid of. You can tell me why you love or hate SoD too if you like.


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