March 2009 Calendar

Were in a totally huge -

We're in a totally huge -

Hey all! It’s, yet, another late calendar. But at least it’s still early in the month, right? I had another drawing before this one all sketched out and ready to be inked. It would have been done over last weekend, but I suddenly changed my mind thinking it wasn’t very funny.

Welp, I can’t say this one’s too much of an improvement, but compared to what I originally had planned, this one’s knee-slappin’ funny!

Anyhoo, please enjoy this month’s calendar however you wish – either to line a rat cage, target practice or when toilet paper is scarce. Or you can use it to remember when to pick up your order of embarrassing prescription medication.

March 2009 Calendar

As always, folks, let me know if you have trouble downloading or opening!

Sorry about the earlier problems. Yipes. I think I fixed it. Try to click on the link again and let me know if there are any other problems. Thanks!


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