Klorgs, Confused Squires, and Gel Transfers

Squire Thorn pretending to be in Ladytron

Thorn knows nothing of KLORGs

Man, I should update more often!

Alright, so three things – first is this Moleskine doodle of Squire Thorn pretending he’s in some synthy type band. I don’t remember how it came about, but I thought it was cute enough to post. Here he is standing behind a Klorg, or is a Klorc? I think it started out with drawing him with his hair short. Considering his height, I probably should have drawn the synth a little higher.

But anyway, Thorn knows nothing of these synth instruments. I could probably pair this with the drawing of Helen. Hm, Helen performing with a Squire?

Speaking of Squires, I’m slowly finishing up on a new Mini comic. Check out the first panel. Nothing good can come out of that, huh? Just look at Squire C’s know-it-all expression and the look of confusion on little Thorn.

I had one problem inking these past few days. My brush pens were running out of juice. It gave me a great excuse to take a trip to the art supply store. Of course, my luck all the individual brush pens in black were GONE. My only option – buy a set of these, which was fine anyway. I’ll just have to remember to ink a comic a different color each time!

So while I was at the art store, I picked up a small bottle of acrylic medium. I wanted to get familiar with gel transfers again. I’ve got this really old French dictionary with really awesome illustrations. If you’ve seen the avatar I use on my Twitter page, that’s where it came from. I thought I’d use some of those images to transfer onto my Moleskines. Using a very small amount of medium, I was able to transfer a photocopied image onto one of the pages without getting it too wet and wrinkly. Fun times, and really cool results. I’ll post a few scans of them soon!


2 thoughts on “Klorgs, Confused Squires, and Gel Transfers

  1. So what are the chances you could teach me how to use the acrylic medium to transfer images without bubbles… wrinkles…. and just general yuckiness?! LOL

  2. Anne Tai says:

    LOL believe me, I’m still quite a beginner! I learned the technique years ago in college. At least I remembered the acrylic medium part. But I think wrinkles will always happen. When I first learned, I transfered the images onto thick, printing paper – still got the wrinkles. Then again, I was probably too generous with the water :|

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