Drifting in the doldrums again

Welp, my sparse readers, I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed a lack of updating around here. I hardly have any valid excuses! I will say that I was working on getting an April calendar out BEFORE April. That was obviously, a bust.

I guess I may as well continue on with the tradition of posting them in the middle of the month.

In other news – whether you like it or not, a new Squires of Dimness comic is in the works (as I’ve been saying the past few…months? Oops?).

I’ve also been meaning to post pics of my gel transfer attempts. All I can say at the moment is that a few Moleskine pages are a little wrinkly. I call it love.


2 thoughts on “Drifting in the doldrums again

  1. Regiane says:

    Girl, I really loves your aaron’s draws and now I saw your flickr and I fell i love with your another draws! I ‘m a brazilian girl who loves your work and I know that is wrong an ugly copy the another one draws but I have to admit that I copy your draws and already made two t-shirts with them and of course I give you all the credits when someone asks me who made that. I hope you don’t get nervous with it, but I like so mucj your work that I want to make someday something like the things you do.
    Keep doing these amazing and beautiful works and I hope someday you’ll go far.



    • Anne Tai says:

      Hey Regiane!

      I’m totally flattered that you’d make shirts out of my drawings :). I’d love to see them! And thanks for giving credit to me.
      New comics are on the way in the future, that’s for sure! Thanks so much. It makes me glad to know you enjoy them :).

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