Migrating a few Mini Squires

Crazy Squire Thorn

Squire Thorn tries a new look and lifestyle

I realized I finally had a whole day to actually do another update! Actually, the only new updated material is the Moleskine doodle on the left. This was done in Prisma Color pencils. Around that time I was working on the little “series” with Squire Thorn mourning over the loss (or rather – washing) of his beloved shirt. Here we see him how he probably would turn out. As for Squire C’s left hand – I got a little too lazy to have to deal with the sketchbook’s seam.

Hm, Squire C looks scared for once!

Man, I’ve been lazy about the old Squires comics. I realize North-Side.net won’t be going back up anytime soon and there just might be a few of you out there who would like to see some of the old stuff. At the moment I’m mostly putting the Mini Squires in there or any of the other comics that have only taken one page when it was on North-Side.net.

I have a HORRIBLE archiving process. But I’ll try to put everything in order as best as I can. For now, I’ve added two older Mini Squires featuring Squire D and his poor nerves. Enjoy!

Oh yeah…so about those calendars I never finished. I’ll get to them…


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