Concert Memories

Concert memories I’ve had this Japanese album Moleskine for a while, but I was never sure what I wanted to do with it. I pretty much bought it only because I’m a Moleskine addict and wanted to have at least one of each kind – the ones that are free of ruled lines, that is.

Ticket stubs are usually the first piece of memorabilia from any show. I kept the ones I managed to hold on to in a little drawer, but they were jumbled in with a bunch of other paper items. Not exactly the way I wanted to preserve these bits of memories.

It wasn’t until this past week that I figured I should put the Moleskine to use. Before that I had other ideas that ranged from collages, doodles, attempts at being really fancy with Prisma Color pencils, gel transfers, to exquisite corpse drawings. The first few panels included a few of these jumbled ideas.

Anyway, I gathered what tickets I had, some origami paper, a glue stick and my Moleskine. Of course, I didn’t want to glue the tickets directly onto the panels so I fashioned bits of origami paper into makeshift mounting corners. Each panel had one ticket stub, a few doodles, and favorite memory written in any of the open areas.

Luckily most of the ticket stubs were whole. Some were too tiny or became paper mache. In those cases, I had to improvise and use sandwich bags to “seal” them against the panels. Unfortunately, there were a few memorable shows that had e-tickets which I didn’t bother to preserve. As convenient as e-tickets are, they just don’t have that certain something that an actual ticket does. Most likely because – let’s face it – we all don’t have the best printers at home.

Gathering all these tickets, sticking them onto the panels, and jotting down memories and doodles was a bit laborious this past weekend. But it was a labor of love, of course. I have a few more panels that I’m looking forward to preserving future concert memories (*cough*NINJA*cough*)! Check out what my Moleskine looks like so far in my flickr page.

Maybe they don’t have to be tickets to shows or concert memories at all. I’ve toyed with the idea of collecting business cards from favorite tea parlors and shops, sticking them into a Moleskine and jotting down favorite memories, maybe even favorite dishes, favorite tea, the staff. Maybe they don’t have to be cards – maybe they could be candy wrappers – the list goes on!

Oh yes. Check out the comics page. I’ve added another oldie. Squire D seems to be the attention whore these days. I promise to get these more organized soon.


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