Mini Squires: Turning a New Leaf

Uh, like, why?

Uh, like, why?

Hoo boy! Whether you like it or not, guys, I’m still here AND I return with a new Squires of Dimness comic. Actually, if you follow me on Twitter, you’d probably see more of my “still working on new comic” tweets than actual comics.

But, yeah, this comic, while just a Mini Squires, was sitting on my drawing board for, oh…I don’t know, two months? And how long did I spend on the last two panels? This past weekend I contemplated on the last panel, erasing, drawing, erasing, drawing again, until I either got lazy or figured the end result was the best idea.

I originally was going to have Squires C and Thorn duking it out. I already had that drawing out and ready to ink until I went back to my scribbly storyboard in my sketchbook to see a panel with a puff of smoke, fists flying, teeth knocked out and a stray sock. It was the stray sock. That was the winner.

Yeah, it’s probably a cheap shot, but it’s done! So check it out!

Speaking of Squire C, some of you might have noticed the “choose your own adventure” type story going on in the Squires of Dimness blog. At the moment, it seems the next scene involves the angry Italian squire running for dear life. I’ll keep updating the story as best as I can. I’d love to see how long I can drag this out…

…unlike the calendar that, somehow, stopped at March. Welp, you never know when I’ll fire those up again!


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