The Lost Ice Creams and YZ Squire C



My sketchbooks are full of messy panels of comics I’ll probably never finalize. But some I think are too ridiculous to keep to myself. So I’ve created a new page here where I’ll post either works in progress comics, rough drafts of finished comics, or scrawls that will either become finished products or never will. So check it out!

At the moment I’ve got one of Whyte I’ve doodled in one of my smaller Moleskines. This was one of those instances where the comic drew itself. It started with one random doodle and so on. Instead of karaoke singing or eating an ice cream Thorn hasn’t tried stealing yet, Whyte tries his hand at cooking. You can see where that went. Poor Whyte!

As is my habit, I can never decide where I want to post what. If you head over to my struggling deviantART page, you can check out Squire C dolled up in a Year Zero uniform. Many of you probably can figure out that I was trying to imitate Alessandro’s pose in this photo. I originally had Squire C nitpicking at the tie he was wearing and saying something along the lines of, “Eh, it is not *insert designer name here*.” just to show off his fashion snobbery. So now he’s just standing there with his mouth partly open. He could be in mid-sigh. Fill in the caption, if you will.


One thought on “The Lost Ice Creams and YZ Squire C

  1. Will says:

    Hey anne! havent talked to you in forever! (shame on me, i know!!)
    Lots of crazy things happened last year, which is why i disappeared.
    if you are up to emailing me, we can catch up on stuff!!!

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