Boarding School Thorn and Mangled Childhood Memories

Thorn's morning back to school

Don't look too happy, Thorn.

This doodle was done a while ago in one of my recently finished Moleskines. Risking confusion and, possibly, the only viewers I have – I added a few changes to Squire Thorn’s character. His character makeover has him originally coming from a well-to-do family. He was sent to a boarding school, complete with everything Squire D would envy – including afternoon tea and croquet.  This drawing is of Squire Thorn the day he returned to the boarding school.

But even if I have changed Thorn’s character, I’m totally not against the usual viewers seeing him as one of many 2D versions of Aaron North. The subtle references and subtle likeness won’t go away.
While we’re on the subject of Squires of Dimness, check out one of my recent Prismacolor drawings of them from one of my current Moleskines. This was just one of my many recent “exercises” where I play around with the underused colors. Not exactly the three color exercise I did a while ago, but close. A fun subject with this one was to show each Squires’ personalities.

Some of you might have already seen my parody doodle on my Flickr page of two characters from one of my favorite cartoons as a kid – The Real Ghostbusters. Sure, there’s a lot of inaccuracies (i.e. nametags on their uniforms) but it was a lot of fun drawing goofy versions of the two opposite personalities. I will say that this parody is just one of many mangled memories. Stay tuned!

Oh yeah – before I forget, please take part in the on-going (though sporadically updated) narrative that’s going on in the Squires of Dimness blog. So far, it looks like Squire C will end up being pulled into a mysterious black car. Don’t want that to happen? Turn the tide with your voting comment!


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