Squire Thorn and the “Resistance”

Squire Thorn joins some sort of reisistance

Guess who I am!

Squire C thinks Thorn’s just a “stupid bambino”, of course. This was an old doodle in a square-graph Moleskine I did around the NIN Year Zero days. Welp, I just figured I could have just put this in the Stolen Ice Creams section. More will come! In the meantime, many of you are probably already aware of the return of North-Side. Or, rather, North-Side archives. Check it out, comment, or make a request of what you’d like to see again.


2 thoughts on “Squire Thorn and the “Resistance”

    • Anne Tai says:

      Oh awesome!! I heard the NY and Chicago shows went super crazy fast. I got presale tix of one of the LA shows – just need to figure out how to get there lol.

      You’ll have a blast there for sure :D.

      I’d be glad to submit some guest stickies for your blog!

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