Mystery Squire

Squire Thorn's jealousy

Who is that?!

Seeing all these tweets on the recent NIN shows last week had me come up with this mess of a doodle. Shortly after that came this mess of a comic.

I couldn’t resist doodling my own cartoony version of the current guitarist.

So go ahead and check it out and wonder why Squire D seems to have the most friends (or enemies) other than the other squires.


2 thoughts on “Mystery Squire

  1. JT says:

    I finally, after all these years, got to see NIN on Friday night in Chicago. Thank Reznor I got tickets, it was by far the most intense show I’ve ever been to, and that’s saying a lot! Finck was incredible for sure, crazy haircut and all.

    • Anne Tai says:

      I’ve been following their tweets! Was that the show they played the entire Downward Spiral? If so – you’re effin’ lucky! That’s a once in a lifetime event ;).

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