Halloween WIP doodles

Halloween Moleskine Doodles

Gonna be a rough Halloween for Thorn

Halloween’s coming and since I’ve totally dropped the ball on the calendars for the past few months after March (I think), I thought I’d try to start those things up again. What better month to pick things up than October?

So I thought I’d break out the Prismacolors – including my new toys – and whatever remotely funny situations I could think of and started doodling away.

Hot dogs and Squire Thorn are always a favorite subject as can be seen in past  comics and this rough doodle on the left. Excuse the illegible scrawls. I’m sure you get the idea what Thorn’s screaming.

Another idea, on the left, is Squire Thorn’s disapproval of his fellow Squires’ Halloween costumes. Hm, can you guess who’s who under those cheap ghost costumes?

But this was absolutely the day’s favorite doodle. How can you not resist the clumsiest Squire with a pile of (fake) fruit on his head? So who knows, one or more of these ideas just might end up in October’s calendar – keep it here!

In unrelated news, check out Bake n’ Blog. We’ve added a few more entries on our baking adventures!


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