Squires appreciate fine cinema

Amadeus II - After the Requiem

Thorn and Whyte enjoy fine cinema

After digging up my old Amadeus DVD and remembering how brilliant and hilarious it was as well as how freakin’ adorable the Mozart couple were depicted I was suddenly driven to doodle some sort of parody.

At first I thought, “Wow, why couldn’t there have been an Amadeus 2? Oh wait, that’s right, he’s dead.” While there obviously can never be a sequel, Squires Thorn and Whyte can watch one – though, being a zombie movie.

So in this rough doodle of a comic that will, likely, never appear finished, Squires Thorn and Whyte lounge on a couch while watching and commenting on a Mozart zombie flick on TV. These were drawn in my larger Moleskine sketchbook, where the two top panels have the Squires watching and commenting, while the bottom two are “scenes” from the movie they’re enjoying.

Speaking of scenes, check out this “scene” in Prismacolor pencil where Zombie Wolfie subjects his wife to pulling his finger. It’s the first thing he tells his wife after climbing out of his grave. Poor Stanzi.

Ok, no lie, this is a work in progress. And it’s a regular-length comic too! But I can’t promise when it will be finished. All I know is that it will be finished, much to everyone’s misery…


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