Moleskine Passions Rambling

I love Moleskines. Have I said that enough times?

Not too long ago, I read about the new line of Moleskines that are coming out in 2010: Moleskine Passions. How cool is that? Of course I think they’re cool – I’m already planning on picking up at least the ones for cooking and music.

But then there’s that nagging snob in the back of my head. It’s great that there are going to be special Moleskines for documenting memories of different things like food, wine, and music – but I (and I’m pretty sure many others) thought the uniqueness of the existing Moleskines were that we could record any memory, idea, story  in any style we want. So, in a way, these new Passions feel a little limited (stress on little!).

I thought of this as I was adding a new ticket to my Japanese album Moleskine that I’ve turned into a concert/event ticket album. This is what I mean – how many of us are using the existing collections and filling them with our memories, ideas, stories however which way we want. The plain notebook can be a collection of collages for someone, while it could be a personal note-taker for someone else, or a recipe book for another – you get what I mean.

As limiting as the Passions sound at the moment, I’m totally not against them – I nearly love everything Moleskine comes out with and who doesn’t love more choices? Don’t be surprised when I start prattling about my food, music, book, and wellness Moleskines!


2 thoughts on “Moleskine Passions Rambling

  1. Hey great to know another moleskine addict. Won’t you come and meet more of us? Would love to read more about your passions, too. :)

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