Autumn Fun

Autumn Fun

*ANGRY ITALIAN* You are to be cleaning that up!

It surely doesn’t feel so much like autumn these days and I’m not exactly sure if winter officially started. Has it? I’m sure it has since it certainly feels like it has!

To keep this blog warm – here’s a Prismacolor doodle I scanned a while ago when it was actually autumn, but didn’t bother t blog about it until now. Back when the air was crisp, cool, pumpkins were on sale,  and the weather was not so butt-numbingly cold as it is now, I was inspired to break out the colored pencils and doodle according to the season.

So check it out and see Squire C be his usual hot-headed self while the youngest Squire frolics among the crunchy, freshly raked leaves.

And do you need a calender? Just for January 2010? Because I can’t guarantee a February calendar yet.

January 2010 Calendar


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