Year-End Year Zero Squires and more RGB fanart

Squire C and Squire D in NIN Year Zero uniforms

Don't look too excited, boys.

It’s the end of the year and another end to another Moleskine. While all the pages of the last large Moleskine are filled, I went back to finish, color, or touch-up favorite doodles.

The drawings I wanted to finish most were in the first few pages where each of the Squires of Dimness were drawn wearing NIN Year Zero uniforms. Earlier, I’ve scanned 3/4 of them- while a few were unfinished, and many of them scattered on either flickr or deviantART.

Squire D was the last finished drawing in this “set” because I couldn’t decide on his pose. I really don’t want to go through the whole “loosely based on former members of Nine Inch Nails and their up-to-date lineups” explanation. Yes, Squire D is loosely based on Jerome Dillon and, yes, I’m aware that Dillon WASN’T in the lineup during Year Zero. Having just three of the four Squires felt incomplete. Plus, I thought it was just plain cool to have Squire D in the getup.

Anyway, all four of them are finished and scanned. Have at it!
Squires C and D
Squires Whyte and Thorn

What did YOU do, Peter?

Another bit I went back to finish was this Real Ghostbusters fan comic. This nonsense came about after watching this video and watching my RGB DVDs and thinking how much harassment goes on in that cartoon (doesn’t Slimer try a little too hard to get chummy with Venkman?).

For once my version of Dr. Venkman is being vocal. Sort of. By means of pictures and punctuations! This can’t end well for either him or his uppity secretary. I have WAY too much fun drawing these guys! Don’t know if I’ll “squire-ize” Stanz and Zeddemore anytime soon, though. It would be fun to have all of them nag on their fearless leader!

Last post of 2009! Plugging my cheap calendar once more ;). May we all have a creative 2010!

January 2010 Calendar


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