March Squires

Heh heh!

It’s still February where I am! In trying to keep my one resolution of finishing an entire year of SoD calendars, I put this one together really quick. It’s pretty evident I’ve run out of ideas for March’s calendar.

After inking this one, I had a sudden case of deja vu. Then I remembered, oh yeah, it was in an early “Really Huge Panel” comic (I’ll dig it up later). And I also remembered last year’s March calendar was a “Really Huge Panel” comic. History repeating itself, I guess!

Anyhoo, enjoy if you will! Or cringe in embarrassment after downloading.

Squires of Dimness March 2010 calendar


2 thoughts on “March Squires

  1. 4R4N7X4R3M1X3D says:

    Hi!. I´ve read your comics and I really like them, I have a question. In NINWIKI talks about Jerome and Aaron, the “back pff b*** he´s mine” thing, and the page says that you make a joke of that or something. Where is it?

    you rock!!!!!! I love Squire D hahaha

    still in the good way!

    (sorry for my bad English, I´m from Bolivia ^^)

    • Anne Tai says:

      Hi there! You know it’s been so long I had to dig through NINWiki to refresh myself. I think I made some small references to it in a very old comic. LOL the phrase isn’t exactly said, it’s more like Squire D being nicer to Thorn (Aaron) than he is to the others. I’ve been so lazy I’ve been wanting to post the older stuff!

      Thanks so much for reading and I’ll hope to post the old stuff sometime soon!

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