Really Huge Monsters in Really Huge Panels

I’m terrible. Lately, most of my doodles have been done during whatever spare time I have. Ever since posting March’s lame-o calender, I got back into doodling more Huge Panel comics. This time, instead of Squire Thorn pestering the other Squires, he’s accompanied by…MONSTERS!

Monster PanelsThis one clearly should have been the end. Don’t mind – or DO mind – that random comic on the far left. I was inspired by the funny Japanese comics about office supplies printed on the tiny bags from a stationary shop!

Monster Panels 2I was trying to go for the alien from, you know, Alien in the bottom right comic. That one is my second fave next to the monster that ate Thorn’s head.

Monster Panels 3I was almost running out of ideas for monsters as well as Thorn’s reactions.

Monster Panels 4Well, obviously I DID run out of monster ideas. Haha! Oh Thorn, one day you will be a monster slayer. Until then, slay some hot dogs and ice cream.


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