The Un-Tasty Urchin

I'm not tasty

I'm not tasty.

In my continuing quest to create something infectiously cute, I began doodling a worried sea urchin who tries to convince seafood lovers that he’s anything but delicious .

I wouldn’t know if sea urchins are delicious, though. Wikipedia and food shows say they’re delicacies.

What began as a random scribble turned into a series of sorts where the little guy goes on about how other seafood dishes are much more delicious when they have anything else that isn’t urchin – not that he knows if they’re yummy, he just hears they’re yummy.

Here, he watches what seems to be a show like Bizarre Foods.

Not that he knows what tuna tastes like. He just hears it’s tasty.

While I take breaks from scribbling Squires, I’ve also put the cute little urchin in panels with fellow sea critters who try to add a little cheer. He’s a worried little guy, but sometimes he forgets he’s got a lot of friends who care for him!

The lil’ urchin and pals will be scanned shortly!


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