Squires of Dimness Trading Cards

Squire Thorn the RookieSome time ago I got me a pack of these Artist Trading Cards but never had a clear plan on what to do with them.

Months later after buying them I decided to lock myself in my room and have a drawing marathon. Didn’t matter if I was drawing the same thing over and over again, I just needed to get my pencil moving give my sketchbooks the love they’ve been needing. That marathon was actually yesterday, and I did have a bit of a head start with the trading cards – I had half of the SoD in Year Zero-esque gear on them.

My goal was to use up all the cards – and, so far, I have 5 out of 20 left! Ready for some show and tell?

Year Zero SoD Trading Cards

Because I’m so fascinated with uniforms, I had to make a set of YZ-esque Squires. You might have seen a few doodles of them in my deviantART page (that I kind of forgot to blog about). Inspired by this piece, I decided to make use of the blank trading cards and my colored brush pens. Squire D came first and the rest followed! Embarrassingly, though, my ego got in the way and had me sign the Squire Thorn one twice.

YZ Squire Thorn, Squire C, and 604 Ladytron

This one’s a bit of a hodge podge of cards with a mix of uniformed characters and, what looks like a hallucinating Squire C. Or he could be at a disco. Again, my fascination with uniforms – another YZ Squire Thorn and half of Ladytron in their 604/Blue Jeans outfits (besides, I just LOVE Helen’s hair in the Blue Jeans vid).

The Squire C card has both colored pencil and brush pen ink. Because I got the textured trading cards, the surface wasn’t very friendly with colored pencil – it had too much tooth so a lot of white spots were left behind unless I really ground the pencils in there.

YZ Squire D and Lunch is Resistance

Last but not least – one more Squire D card and a character I like to call The Lunch Lady (kind of a mascot for my Lunch is Resistance blog).

All cards are 2.5″ x 3.5″. If you check out the ATC page, you can read up on trading and other types of cards, card supplies like envelopes and history. Some of the ones above are, surprisingly claimed!

These are definitely fun to make and I recommend to other artists out there to check em’ out! I’d probably go the cheap route and just cut out my own cards in the mentioned dimension, but the packs are very convenient, reasonably priced (no more than $3 USD), and make great gifts for fellow artists and doodlers.


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