The Sketchbook Project – pg 1-4

I finally got some time to get the ball rolling. Here are the first four pages of my sketchbook that are done! The theme I picked was “Dirigibles and submersibles”. Doodling dirigibles will come very soon, but for the first few pages I’m gonna try to not to get too literal. Except I did get literal with the submersibles on the first page:
The Sketchbook Project - pg 1 - closedThe Sketchbook Project - pg 1 - open
I wanted to add in some simple interactive bits (other than flipping through the pages) – so, starting off with the “submersibles” I started with an “interactive” washing machine.

The Sketchbook Project - pg2
One of the exercises that I’m giving myself with this project is to try to find some transitions between pages. So here’s the laundry being hung out to dry. Exciting, huh? But check out those hot socks!

The Sketchbook Project - pg 3&4

Well, well, well…so we meet again, socks. Or sock in these two pages. Another exercise I’m giving myself is to try to break out of certain doodling habits – or, likely, try NOT to draw what’s expected from me.

So far so good, I hope! It’s been a very inspiring weekend – I go back and forth between the project book and my regular sketchbook which has been filling up with ideas for pages to come.


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