The Sketchbook Project – pg 5

Actually, this is page 4. The previous page included the back of page 2. But who’s really counting? Anyhow, the idea of this page came about while working on the previous pages – so that wasn’t hard. The hard part was figuring out how I was going to write down the words. Or, I guess, what kind of “font” (can you draw font?) I was going to write out these words in. So I looked at images of old comic book ads advertising tiny pet monkeys, x-ray glasses, and fake puke. But then I ended up trying to imitate Edward Gorey’s font.

The Sketchbook Project - pg 5

Old, cheesy clip art images helped me come up with the cute superhero pose. Another difficult part of this page was cutting the page to imitate the flyers with the tear-away tabs! It might be hard to see from here, but they are cut. Originally, I was going to put “Please take one” above the arrow tabs, but I’m not sure if people looking through this would really rip any of these away.

That’s it for the latest page of my book. The next two pages are already sketched in! Things are going well!


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