The Sketchbook Project – pages 6-9

Doodling is such an organic process, don’t you think? So the next pages were kind of sketched in and by the time I got down to “finalizing” them, I scrapped one of the sketches and turned it into something more tactile – some cut and paste road signs. It’s probably a bit hard to tell from these scans. The road signs were made from leftover printing paper – the arrows were separately cut and glued on too.

The Sketchbook Project - pg 6

I was almost going to trash this one, but thought the devil panel and the flying couple were too cute!  Though, I’m ashamed to say it’s kind of a filler page since I wanted to do a double-page next.

The Sketchbook Project - pg 7

Clip art inspires me yet again with this one.

The Sketchbook Project - pg 8

And now we finally see a dirigible! Or at least something resembling one.

The Sketchbook Project - pg 9

I thought I did a pretty good transition from one page to another so far. I’ll have to say it’ll be blimps and dirigibles and other floaty things for the next few pages until they start to transition to the submersibles.


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