The Sketchbook Project – pg 11-15

The next three pages featured a bit of writing inspired by elementary school-style cursive writing and those kiddie stories where little pictures replaced some of the words.
The Sketchbook project - pg11
See the other two pages to read the rest of the story!
The next two pages featured more road signs – this time in the style of international-style emergency road signs. The signs and dirigible silhouettes were all cut from leftover print paper.

The Sketchbook project - pg14
The Sketchbook project - pg15

I was almost going to give up on making the triangular signs because I embarrassingly had a hard time drawing an equilateral triangle. I seriously thought it would be easy as long as all the sides were the same length – guess what geometry lesson I forgot? Determined, and without a printer, I just googled some triangles, taped some tracing paper over the monitor…and traced. And voila!


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