Sketchbook Project completed and Where are SoD?

Sketchbook Project 2011 - WIP

Who will win?

A late Happy 2011! Let’s hope for another creative year – if not MORE creative!

The Sketchbook Project pretty much leeched a lot of my creative energy during the end of 2010 – certainly not a bad thing. I’m quite proud of what went into my sketchbook that I’ve grown attached to! It was a great exercise for me to break out of my creative comfort zone as well as use up a lot of the art supplies I haven’t used much.

I completed this just a few weeks ago and has been shipped off to the folks at Art House Co-op. I’m going to miss my sketchbook!

I urge you to check out the gallery if it hits your part of town. If you’d like to seek mine out – it’ll be with the Dirigibles and Submersibles themes. I hope you’ll take a look at mine – I tried to make some of the pages as interactive as possible ;).

If you’d like to see some of the pages of my sketchbook, check out what I’ve posted in my To Fly and Submerge tumblr. I’ve been meaning to post every page (which I have scanned) – but I’ll either get to that eventually, or wait till they’re digitized by the folks at the Co-op.

In other news, I’ve decided to move the Mini Squires comics over to the SoD tumblr page. I guess it would make more sense there, huh? The few of you seeking SoD comics, new or old will finally have a one-stop shop…er page! The Minis I have here will stay, but keep an eye on the tumblr page as I’ll keep adding all the old ones there.

Oh – some new SoD are in the works! For real this time.



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