Angry Italians, Digitized Sketchbooks, and More!

Squire Thorn frustrated

Wh-what's this skin tone?

*blows dust off blog*

I’m not even going to count how many months it’s been since I’ve touched this blog. But I am going to barrage it with a big juicy update! So here goes…

A while ago, new pal – Allen Passalaqua offered to color some doodles of mine. How could I refuse? The hard part was drawing something halfway decent enough to be worthy of coloring. So here it is! It sure gives the SoD archives some class, don’t you think? I recommend checking out his work on his blog, and Battlepug (seriously check out this webcomic).

Hey remember that Sketchbook Project I was babbling about? Well, hopefully you checked out the tour when it hit your town. Embarrassingly enough, I missed out on the tour when it hit my part of town. BUT, guess what? It’s finally digitized! I’m super excited – head over here to check it out! It’s like seeing an old friend.

Speaking of the Sketchbook Project, I’m participating in the 2012 tour too! This time, with a tasty theme – “Sandwich”. There’s definitely time to take part. If you’ve got a hankerin’ for doodling, I highly recommend taking part!

Ah…my muses have been gone during most of summer. At least the ones that get me to doodle. The baking muses have been sticking around, however. And why not? So many delicious summer treats to bake! One of my favorite summer baking accomplishments involves strawberries.

Last, but not least, I just finished up a quick, 2-panel SoD comic featuring Squire Whyte in what looks like a UN Spacy uniform. Is he really off fighting Zentradi fighters? Kind of a shabby coloring job, but I didn’t buy those markers for nothing, so I had to give them some use. The idea came from a much messier doodle in a sketchbook after looking through old Macross books I dug up.

Phew! And that’s what’s going on in my creative universe!


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