Must see blog: My Milk Toof

Sir Lardee model by Inhae Lee
If there’s one blog I will bug everyone I know to look at, it’s My Milk Toof. I can’t even explain the absolute awesome adorableness of this photo story blog. While many of the creative story-telling visuals are done digitally, My Milk Toof involves a lot of handcrafting. The work that goes into every photo never ceases to amaze.

Over the past weekend at APE 2011, I was lucky enough to meet Inhae, creator of Lardee and ickle! Though, I felt slightly awkward, only because before me were a group of kids conversing with her, taking photos, and gushing – like I was – over the Milk Toof merch. And there I was, an adult squealing over cute buttons and prints and slightly star-struck.

But, despite the awkwardness, I got to snap a photo of Sir Lardee from the “Sick Lardee” story, buy a few Toofy goodies (and get a few more of my pals hooked on these guys), and (awkwardly) ask Inhae to sign my sketchbook!

So you like cute, short stories accompanied by equally cute photos too? Go see My Milk Toof!


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