Post Halloween and The Sketchbook Project 2012

The undead are interested in current events, right?

I seriously meant to post this closer to Halloween – BUT I can say I posted the last two zombie Squires just in time!

Head over and see what an undead Squire Thorn prefers over coconut and how being undead doesn’t stop Squire D from keeping up with current news.

Speaking of Halloween – I actually made my costume this year! Wanna see? If you brave the additional posts, it’s pretty easy to see why I picked that fandom to base my costume (or rather, accessory) on. This was probably the first time I took a lot of time to make something I was proud to show off for Halloween. And it was definitely a ton of fun to make!

In additional creative news – I finally got the ball rolling on my Sketchbook Project 2012! My theme is “Sandwich”. Anything that has to do with edibles gets my attention. Any of you doing the project too?

Uh…so as a NIN fangirl, I’m REALLY behind on what Mr. Reznor is doing. But I did catch some teaser. And after cleaning up around my place I remembered an empty Moleskine notebook, and remembering Harriet’s diary gave me a brilliantly silly idea to create diary entries for our dear Squires. If they had anything interesting to write about. Welp, let’s see how that goes!


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