Doodles, foodles, and shame

SAMSUNGSo I promised myself I’d keep this blog updated. And I’m kinda keeping that promise, like, in thought. And then I thought about how I can keep everything in one blog. I can’t seem to let go of either!

So there it is – doodles on tumblr, doodles on Instagram, and some leftovers here.

Sorry :(!

But anyhoo, this blog is too special to me to actually want to drop it. I almost thought of directing everything to my tumblr where everything’s kinda willy nilly there. All these feels. I can’t even. I can’t I CAN’T


While I still struggle with how I still want to utilize this blog – maybe you might catch some of my doodles I lazily share on Instagram which I have automatically post to my tumblr.

And speaking of tumblr – the Squires of Dimness are (kind of) back!


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