I don’t doodle enough. And when I have been doodling these days, it’s Bilbo Baggins in between the Squires of Dimness. And dragons. Sometimes dragons. If you’ve taken an unfortunate turn around the interwebs and ended up either on my tumblr or Instagram, you may have caught a few of my fandom mashups. My favorite, lately, has been drawing Bilbo if he somehow ended up in Tamriel after a wrong turn passing through Bree…or something. And he discovers he’s the Dragonborn.

tumblr_mj9ymuE0AI1qa42cuo1_500Who needs the One Ring when you’ve got Dragon shouts? Well, being invisible sure helps. I was almost going to draw Smaug as Smauglock. But I’ll leave that to the experts.

And while DovahBilbo finds new words of power, Thorin Oakenshield deals with having Apple Maps.

No, YOU come get me.

No, YOU come get me.

Sigh. Oh Thorin. Your diva ‘tude. Biblo will have none of it.




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