I leave the house sometimes. For work mostly.

I failed again for the bajillionth time in committing myself to update this more. We’re always so used to convenience once we stumble upon it. *COUGH*instagram*COUGH*

But anyway, while my doodles have been reduced to Dragonborn Hobbits, my wannabe culinary repetoire has been expanding. Ooh food… and have I been having a ton of fun (and feeling more rewarded) for baking my own snacks. Here’s just a few of the things I’ve been making. Hope you’re hungry!!

bread2 So I faced my fear of baking bread. Most of the fear was the waiting part. I’m not going to lie about the waiting part. But if you’ve got about 4 hours to yourself just like everyone who either has short work days or gets to work at home a lot – then it’s a breeze. Other than the waiting part it’s pretty easy! I snagged this recipe -halved it and used whole wheat flour and almond milk. It’s kind of cliche, but seriously, I hardly eat store-bought after this!

And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the smell of fresh-baked bread.

I’d bake one right now if I weren’t waking up early tomorrow.



Rustic cheeze-its

So I ran across this recipe a while ago. Even with the minimal ingredient count, I didn’t start making these until a few weeks ago. It was the food processing part that daunted me. Nary a food processor can be found in my kitchen. So I used the next best thing – one of those spin chopping appliances once sold in infomercials. They also make salsa.

Anyhow – the recipe calls for using cookie-cutters which I did use at first. But oh how laborious it is to re-roll the dough. So I now cheat and use one of those pizza/pasta cutters with the wriggly blades.

What I really like doing is adding other spices – I particularly like adding a lot of cayenne pepper and Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute for a pizza-like flavor with some heat. And- like the previous recipe, I use whole wheat flour.  Try it sometime!


Rare occasions where raisins are welcome

You’d think by now I’d have baked oatmeal cookies. It didn’t take until my need to clean out my pantry that I decided to look up a recipe. Ah, Smitten Kitchen never fails.

Even when raisins in cookies can deceive you into thinking it’s chocolate chip – in this cookie, it’s ok. Only in this cookie. Anywhere else – I’d feel betrayed.

Oatmeal, cinnamon, brown sugar, and the sweetness from raisins really can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling. So bake yourself a batch already!





I re-visited the lembas recipe after I’ve baked it a few times. If you go back to my Middle Earth Baking post – you’ll notice that I’ve edited the recipe with lemon zest in place of vanilla. But last weekend I finally baked a batch with that change – it’s much MUCH better in my opinion! And I feel it would be more authentic to Middle Earth since vanilla would likely be too exotic. Sorry, no picture for this one. Coworkers and myself ate it in hobbit portions.


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