You Sign “Prince of Darkness”…

It happened. It finally happened.

And I don’t mean I finally published something worth reading on purpose. Rather, I finally doodled the Squires of Dimness’s one and only Prince of Darkness.

This one of his happier expressions.

This one of his happier expressions.

It all started with this Instadoodle whilst my iPod was on shuffle. It’s what I’ve always imagined during the last few lines of that song.

And wha?! Why has it taken so long?

I think it had to do with the hair, and the attitude. Definitely the attitude. But I remembered the main reason why – MTR’s always been the center of attention (for obvious reasons) and tons of fanart featuring him outnumbers the touring members. So why not center these doodles loosely based on the guys who will likely be swapped out like the cast of SNL?


Prince of Darkness = 0 The Lady = 1

Yeah, yeah, sure, so there’s a new character in a comic that hasn’t been updated since the last time my hair touched my shoulders. But hold on there, buckaroos. For the past few months I’ve had this little gem clipped to my drawing board. I mean, I will finish it. Soon.

Whyte Whine

We all know where this ends up.

Well – you probably already know the ending, so why bother finishing it?


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