Doodle A Day

Ahoy-hoy readers and doodlers! I return with some news of my doodlage – that is, my doodling activities.


For the past 210 days or so, I’ve embarked on a personal project called #DoodleADay on Instagram. Look up that tag on there and you’ll likely see others doing the same. Is this a thing or something? A trend?

Not so much with me. Like some of you, I’d have drawing binges – those days where muses and inspirations pull at your hair and shove ideas into my head and, whattya know – my pencil’s moving non-stop!

And then….came the dry spells. It’s either distractions (curse you, Skyrim) or the muses are taking a really long coffee break. I’d stare at the pile of sketchbooks and strewn pencils, markers, and pens. And think, “Meh, I’ll get to it tomorrow….and tomorrow….no really, tomorrow.”

Kind of like getting off your butt to hit the gym regularly, I promised myself that I’d keep drawing as part of my daily routine. Even if the doodles were no more than sloppy sticks, it counted. I’m not really shooting for perfection, though I am learning more bit by bit and remembering what I could from any classes I took.

Being that I’ve hit 210 days (211 after I finished today’s doodle), I’d say it’s going quite well! I’m a late learner in using references – my better days come from copying concept art, illustrations from books, or styles of favorite artists.

Here’s a doodle where I mimicked the style of Thiebaud as best as I could:

Ice cream. You now crave it.

Ice cream. You now crave it.

What do you do to keep yourself creating? Share in the comments!


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