This week in Doodles and Foodles

Patting myself on the back this past week! Still chugging away at #DoodleADay – though, I did miss a day or two which I make up the next day with double the doodles.

Since my last post my daily doodles have consisted of a lot of fan art – namely Ghostbusters, The Hobbit, and The Elder Scrolls (I curse and bless the day I’ve started playing Skyrim…)

What did you DO, Ra...DAWWW!

Oh gosh, Stay Puft. Why would you want to blast this guy – THIS GUY with unlicensed nuclear accelerators?!


photo 2

I don’t think I’ve gone one month in Doodle A Day without at least one Bilbo doodle. My favorite Bilbo theme is him giving zero f**ks. Except when that thing happens. You know..THAT thing.


I’m quite a fan of slice-of-life manga/anime. Particularly Yotsubato. Will we ever know where exactly she came from? Left of where?

photo 3

Doodling requires energy of the sugary, carby type. Recently, I ventured into the realm of cupcakery. I delved deep into the most treacherous lands and yielded these. What you see here are vanilla cupcakes. “Pfft, vanilla cupcakes.” you scoff. But what you see gilded atop these confections is none other than a frosting made with the most forbidden of butters – cookie butter.


I can share with you the vanilla cupcake recipe. Sadly, the frosting recipe was rather eye-balled. Take a look at this recipe and add however much Biscoff or Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter spread. Beware, you may find yourself eating either the frosting or the cookie butter by itself if you haven’t been doing so already. Enjoy!


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